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Monday, September 12, 2011

Katrina Kaif Dressing Style

Posted by Hasu

Katrina Kaif Dressing Style

Bollywood actresses become more popular all over the world the reason is that their dresses, their jewelry and etc. Mostly people like their dresses ,their style of  contrast, their style of dressing and etc .Their dresses become fashion .Mostly actors  has their own personal  fashion designers or tailors. But recently most of the beautiful actresses and successful in their life just like Katrina kaif quite different from other their fellows. She was nice and very beautiful in their personality but she was not very showy like others and especially one more thing she has not any personal designer or tailor .She goes shops to shops and buy that dress which she was liked. When she was going abroad during their shots, if she saw any beautiful dress then she buy that dress.
Why people like bollywood dresses? People like their dresses because their dressing was so good and looked very spicy these dresses looked equallent their choice .In fact, from my point of view I totally mad about their dressing and my life style was nearly equal to these bollywood actresses.


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